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Client Testimonials

J.C. 4/12/23

They do a great job.

J.H. 3/29/23

Kirby is amazing. Extremely professional and did an awesome job focusing on the areas I told them I needed help with.


Kirby and my esthetician were both excellent.


Kirby was great as a Massage Therapists and service provider. Took special care to make sure I was comfortable through the service.

D. C. 7/5/22

Kirby's massage was excellent. They were very professional and responsive.


It's been a very stressful year as a teacher, I'm so glad there's an amazing place to relax, cry, and feel good again. People ask me how I can juggle so much, and I tell them, "Kirby is the best!!!"

K.S. 4/13/22

Kirby is amazing! I've been getting massages for over 20 years and I think Kirby has the best and most unique style!


This was a fabulous massage. Best I have had in a while


Kirby did a great job. They listened to me about how I liked my massage and implemented them.

T.W. 3/20/22

Kirby is the best! They are quite simply amazing!! I won't go to anyone else for massage anymore because Kirby is that good. I can't recommend them enough. If you want someone who understands the body and listens to you then look no further. 10/10.


One of my very best massage experiences ever! Great job Kirby!


Kirby was amazing! I swear this person has magic hands. I wanted a nice relaxing massage and that is what I got. I HIGHLY recommend Kirby and I would totally ask to working with them again.

J.L. 1/26/22

Kirby was professional and fantastic! Definitely recommend and will be returning.

S.D. 1/6/22

Kirby was exceptional! They were kind and professional, and I felt very comfortable. The massage was the best deep-tissue I've ever had.

V.F. 9/22/21

Kirby is always so polite, attentive, and wonderful. Makes me feel totally comfortable.

M.M. 9/20/21

Love It! Kirby one of the best massages ever!

R.P.M. 9/3/21

Kirby is hands-down the best massage therapist I've ever had! Kirby is kind, attentive, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. Couldn't recommend them more!

A.A. 8/10/21

Absolutely amazing massage, and extremely personable. Already re-booked- would highly recommend!!

R.P.M. 7/2/21

I left deeply relaxed with less tension. Kirby's attention to detail and immediately responding to heat, pressure, etc. changes was my favorite part.

K.H. 6/18/21

Was nervous for being a first timer, Kirby was fanastic & fabulous-very welcoming and friendly... HOOKED!

P.M. 5/25/21

Kirby is very good. They always are pleasant and had your best experience in mind. I would highly recommend them.

E.H. 4/20/21

I had Kirby last time and in my 25 years of receiving massage for my scoliosis, he was top three best therapist I've had!

C.D. 3/25/21

Very friendly staff. Kirby did a great job with my massage. He listened and was very knowledgeable about Fibromyalgia issues. I felt comfortable the entire time and it did wonders for my stress level. I will be going back!

A.W. 3/11/21

Kirby was the! I'll definitely be rescheduling!

R.A. 3/2/21

Kirby was very professional and did not make us feel uncomfortable at all. It was an awesome 1st time experience.

G. K. 1/25/21

I had a great massage from Kirby. He was very calming and kind. The spa was clean and seemed very aware of their Covid responsibilities. to the public coming in. It was a fantastic massage experience.

C. M. 12/31/20

The facility was extremely clean and the receptionist was warm and friendly. Kirby Clark was wonderful and I will be back soon!

P. M. 12/13/20

Very clean. I feel like the room was well sanitized. Kirby is always very pleasant and a talented massage therapist.

D. C. 11/2/20

Kirby is professional and a highly qualified massage therapist.

J. P. 10/10/20

It was a great experience from the scheduling of the visit to the actual massage. Very informative and would definitely recommend. Kirby was very good at helping get my back and shoulders lined out as well. Definitely will be back.

B. K. 9/15/20

Very nice session. Kirby did a great job!!

S. H. 6/30/20

Kirby was great! The way the center handled the new Covid restrictions was really wonderful and very professional.

A. M. 6/10/20

Everything was explained well about the precautions for Covid-19. My therapist, Kirby was excellent. He checked in with me throughout the massage to see if I was comfortable. He really helped with some chronic neck and shoulder pain and has a good and firm touch.

K. W. 11/20/19

The staff is outstanding and very nice and professional. They are considerate of needs and listen well. Kirby did an amazing job and really helps take out the stress in the body. Great massage!

S. R. 10/21/19

My favorite part was feeling safe and being comfortable. I didn't have a least favorite part! Keep on doing what you're doing.

K. D. 8/7/19

Kirby is awesome.

A. D. 8/5/19

I feel as though my service was very much beneficial to me. My favorite part was the facial sinus massage & back. I would absolutely recommend to a friend or famly member.

R. R. 2/1/19

Everyone is friendly- - always start on time- - my massage therapist, Kirby, always uses the right amount of pressure and is very calming.

A. A. 11/9/18

Kirby was great. I was running a few minutes late and he was so understanding. The massage was the best I have had! Will be booking with Kirby again very soon!

K. P. 11/3/18

Kirby was great! I have never felt more relaxed in my life!

M. W. 7/6/18

Pleasant and friendly staff. Clean and inviting facilities. Kirby, my therapist, did a wonderful job.

T. H. 3/10/18

The level of professionalism by the staff is excellent. Kirby is AWESOME! I have been a client of his for a year now and would hate to see him go. He is the ultra professional in his approach and provides the upmost level of comfortability during your session. I highly recommend Kirby. He truly cares about his clients. #KirbyIsAwesome

A. C. 1/30/18

Kirby has been my go-to therapist: he is mindful of your needs, and makes sure to focus his time and energy on addressing the issue you brought in THAT visit, knowing that you can have different stressors since he last saw you.

W. J. 1/23/18

Kirby was very professional and an outstanding individual!!! He catered the massage experience to my specific areas of concern, as well as verbally checked in from time to time, in order to make sure that my needs were being specifically addressed.

E. E. 1/6/18

Kirby is an amazing massage therapist.

R. M. 9/9/17

I usually see another therapist, but they were out of town today. I booked with Kirby, and he was exceptionally kind. Kirby listened to me prior to the start of the appointment and worked on the areas I asked him to. He was an excellent massage therapist in every way.

K. S. 7/6/17

My Therapist, Kirby, was very professional and thorough. From beginning to end he was respectful and his mild tempered personaliity made for a relaxing a stress-free massage.

D. C. 3/21/17

I loved that my therapist was able to work on my specific issues. The entire experience was amazing. I felt so much better when I walked out. I felt so at ease during the entire session. I was amazingly pleased with my therapist (Kirby) and the intensity of the massage. I felt like he was more than able to help.

D. H. 3/9/17

Kirby is awesome. He really addressed my needs. He put me to sleep which is hard to do. Thanks for a wonderful massage. Kirby is definitely one of my top favorite massages.

T. W. 3/5/17

Excellent massage from Kirby! Kirby is wonderful. The massage is tailored to my needs/requests. It keeps me feeling good despite chronic pain in my lower back.

T. H. 9/10/16

Always an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Kirby has the best personality and is so attentive to my needs during the service. His personality and skills are perfect for this business.

C. T. 9/6/16

My therapist, Kirby was very good. He communicated thoroughly what was going to happen and expressed the need for feedback if needed. He made me feel very comfortable.

S. B. 3/9/16

Kirby.... very nice, professional young man. Expressed gratitude to me for coming in and invited me back soon. I felt much more relaxed after the session.

S. L. 1/31/16

I have requested Kirby the last few times, and he is always great. This last time I asked him to focus specifically on my neck, shoulders, and back because I'd been in a car accident. I left the session feeling much better and even the next day I had much less pain in those areas. I would not hesitate to recommend Kirby to my friends and family.

T. M. 1/19/16

I was a little apprehensive about having a male therapist but he did a great job. I really enjoyed the treat

C. S. 9/19/15

Kirby was wonderful! Pleasant and very good! I wish I could see him once a month. I will come see him again when I'm in Fayetteville.

P. D. 9/3/15

Kirby was very good and listened to my needs and addressed them in the the massage.

C. C. 9/1/15

Kirby did a fantastic job and worked the target points bothering me.

L. W. 8/18/15

Kirby gave me the best massage I have ever had in my life! It Was GREAT!

C. M. 7/14/15

Kirby Clark was attentive to my problem areas, very good.

A. T. 7/8/15

The massage was excellent and the staff was very attentive.

L. C. 6/28/15

Kirby worked out the kinks in my back. Thanks!

S. L. 6/24/15

This past session included a 2-hour massage with Kirby. He came highly recommended by other staff, and I now understand why. He was absolutely wonderful and very professional. I will definitely book with him again.

A. H. 5/9/15

The therapist that I've been using, Kirby, is professional & great at what he does. I had used him once before & he remembered me the second time I was in!

K. S. 5/2/15

Kirby was amazing! He was very professional. I was completely comfortable with him. I was incredibly relaxed!

P. R. 4/8/15

The massage with Kirby helped with some of the pain I was experiencing. Very relaxing!

K. L. 4/30/15

Kirby- hands down the best massage of my life!

L. A. 3/8/15

Great massage. Kirby was my therapist and he always does a great job.

C. T. 2/8/15

Kirby was so nice and helped me feel comfortable before going in for my first massage. Professional, friendly and was compassionate towards customers. Most definitely Kirby needs recognized I give my employees on-the-spot awards for exceptional service, and Kirby deserves one!

C. H. 2/2/15

Kirby is a wonderful therapist, he was very professional and made me feel comfortable.

N. J. 1/19/15

Kirby was very attentive to my particular requests and suggested alternatives that would be helpful.

N. J. 12/26/14

Kirby was very professional, did an excellent job, I have back problems and he did exactly what I asked.

E. G. 12/22/14

Kirby was great. He communicated just the right amount and consistently checked in to make sure my experience met all my needs. I was very relaxed when leaving and had all the areas worked on that I needed. I enjoyed the quiet atmosphere.

T. K. 12/7/14

I thought Kirby did a great job and was very nice! I was satisfied with the massage and the relaxation I felt during and after.

C. C. 12/1/14

Kirby was fantastic and made me feel very at ease. Kirby and the young man at the front desk were both exceptional. I will request Kirby on my next visit.


Best Massage I've EVER recieved! Every single moce sent chills down my body!Feel more relaxed than I have in a LONG time. *New Found Regular


Very Good Massage, pressure was perfect. Therapist was very polite & very thorough, Was as good a massage as I have had!


Kirby was Great! Better than some professionals I have seen. The pressure was perfect and he communicated about needs and addressed problem areas! :


Kirby was an excellent massage therapist. He addressed my specific needs. Thank you.

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